All products are manufactured in a 110,000 square foot facility in Tennessee with supply chains in Germany, China, and US.

TUV Certified
ISO 9001: 2008 Certified
UL Certified: UL67, UL508, UL508, CSA22.2,
UL1741, UL3730, UL4248, UL6703, UL9703
ETL Certified: UL1731, UL6703, UL903, CSA22.2

Why brand an electrical product JANUS?

Janus was the god of Roman mythology with two faces looking in opposite directions. The god symbolized the transition point between the past and the future.

The introduction of BUSSWORKS' JANUS power distribution system also represents a transition point for the electrical industry. It is a point where distribution systems have an "open architecture" compatible with all breakers, regardless of the manufacturer.

Traditional power distribution systems are designed by manufacturers to only use one type of breaker. This forces the customer into a relationship with only one breaker manufacturer for the life of their product. Sole source products of this type limit competition, stifle innovation, and inflate market prices.

BUSSWORKS developed JANUS to change the sole source power distribution in breaker sales paradigm.

JANUS is what happens when an independent company designs a panelboard to be compatible with all Molded Case Breakers and Miniature Circuit Breakers on the market.

Why form and independent electrical manufacturing company?

BUSSWORKS was founded by Dean Latham who has 25 years of electrical product design and industrial production experience with Eaton and ABB.

Dean realized that all major electrical manufacturers develop power distribution platforms limited to one breaker type and with electrical bus dangerously exposed. No manufacturer has designed a system with customer safety and usability in mind.

Until Now…

BUSSWORKS designs touch-safe open architecture power distribution systems that are compatible with all circuit protection devices available from all manufacturers.




To provide an exceptional customer experience by focusing on the details of every opportunity a customer has to come into contact with BUSSWORKS products, materials, and personnel.


Simplicity, Focus, and Relentlessness through:

Clarity of Mission
Clear Direction
Individual Accountability
A Sense of Urgency
Constant Feedback


We believe we are here to promote great products

We participate only in markets where we can make a significant difference

We believe in deep collaboration internally and externally

We will not settle for less than excellence in any group or project

We will have the self-honesty to admit when we are wrong and the courage to change